Don't have time to read our full report on how we are building a consumer centric and sustainable business in the UK?

We've got you covered.

Müller yogurts have been ever present on UK supermarket shelves since 1987.

Since then, we’ve continued to grow naturally, and through acquisitions, into a consumer centric organisation that today operates three business units: Müller Milk & Ingredients, Müller Yogurt & Desserts and Milk & More.

Müller branded products are chosen more than 182 million times every year, so the end to end process, from farm to family, impacts a lot of lives. That’s why it’s so important that we are consumer centric and do the right thing throughout the whole supply chain.

Our consumers and customers are more engaged, they’re responding positively to our plans, and in some cases are challenging us to go further.

So we’re working hard in this area to ensure the long term success of our business, which not only benefits us, but society as a whole.

Our plan consists of four pillars

1. Responsible sourcing
2. Reducing our environmental impact
3. Our people
4. Inspiring happier and healthier lifestyles

Now lets take a look at these in more detail:

Responsible sourcing

Whether it’s collecting raw milk from Britain’s dairy farmers, buying the strawberries that go into our famous Müller Corner, or the pre 7am doorstep delivered organic/free range eggs that feed families across England every morning for breakfast, we are committed to being a consumer centric business and sourcing our ingredients, packaging and products responsibly.

Through our Müller Advantage programme, we are incentivising dairy farmers to improve supply chain collaboration, herd health and reductions in environmental impact.

These include managing and further reducing the use of antibiotics, sustainable sourcing of animal feed, reductions in energy and water use, recycling and enhancing biodiversity.

This also includes the return of our Müller Advantage Next Generation programme which helps to develop and enhance the skills of ambitious young farmers.

We will reduce the deforestation impact of feed by working with our supplying farmers to use 100% responsibly sourced feed by 2025.

We will engage and work with research institutions to identify opportunities to address environmental challenges within agriculture.

We will work with the industry to assess the full environmental and ethical risks of our key raw materials and develop action plans to mitigate and reduce the risks.

We are dedicated to championing a unique choice of trusted, local, and organic British suppliers through our Milk & More business.

We will continue to work closely with all of our third party partners supplying agency workers, supports services and logistics to ensure they meet all relevant ethical and environmental codes and standards.

Reducing our environmental impact

We all rely on the natural environment to provide us with the things we need to live happy and healthy lives – like food, clean air and water to name but a few.

At Müller UK & Ireland we don’t take this for granted, and we’re committed to ensuring our business growth is realised through responsible and environmentally sustainable practices.

We will be carbon net zero by 2050.

In line with the UN’s SDG Target 12.3 we will reduce our food waste and loss by 50% by 2030.

It is our ambition that all of packaging will be 100% reusable, reyclable or compostable by 2025.

We will reduce our relative water use across the business by 1% year on year and 15% by 2025.

We will double the amount of our product that is redistributed to charities by 2023.

We will increase the fill ratio of our vehicles year on year and reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

We will measure and improve the miles per gallon of our inbound and outbound logistics fleet by 5%, by 2023.

Our people

Müller UK & Ireland is an entrepreneurial, progressive and vibrant family run business, and we aim to make each day better than the last. Our people are absolutely crucial to our success and we’re building a better business from the inside out.

As we encourage happier and healthier lifestyles, all of our employees have access to a wellness toolkit which covers advice on mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing.

We will continue to improve the safety performance of our business.

We will continue to review levels of employee engagement using an external independent survey, helping us to make sure Müller is a great place to work.

We will complete an annual gender pay report, including specific actions to address any gaps.

We will continue to improve development and internal career opportunities through the creation of career frameworks, internal development programmes and apprenticeships.

Every site will implement a modern slavery plan in line with Stronger Together, an industry wide programme that is designed to tackle modern slavery in supply chains.

Inspiring happier and healthier lifestyles

Our goal is to simply add taste to life.

As the nation's favourite dairy brand we have a great opportunity to drive positive change. Our approach is to try and make a difference to people’s everyday lives, helping them to become not only happier, but also healthier.

We are targeting a total sugar reduction of 25% across our branded yogurt portfolio.

Our external partnerships will focus on championing healthy lifestyles.

Take our sports kit for schools promotion as an example. We have provided over 20 schools, from Orkney to Sussex, with brand new sports equipment and a visit from one of their athletics heroes.

We will work with our external partners to engage communities in getting active through fun.

We will continue to develop delicious new dairy products and recipes that are motivated by health and inspired by taste.

For more information, you can read our full report on how we are building a consumer centric and sustainable business here.

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